I was thinking about my next piece of content which is always difficult when functioning on 5hrs of sleep and being nonstop the entire day, however after recent events I have been thinking so much about the importance of grandparents.  Some of us are lucky to have been able to spend time with them and some of us are not, whether they are no longer with us, living long distant or sometimes due to our busy lives, we simply don’t always make the time for them.

Grandparents have so much love to give, it is unconditional!  For my children both sets of grandparents have looked after them and they absolutely love it – both grandparents love having them and my children love going and why? Because of the lengths they go to too ensure those children are happy and they rarely get told off (unlike me who is constantly telling them off – don’t do this, don’t do that) 🤣

Treats from grandparents are always faaaaar more frequent than ‘parent treats’… so of course the cheeky little monkeys’ will adore their grandparents even more! 😉.

The amount of times I have seen one of the granddads secretly give one of my children a little chocolate on the side – at this point I am thinking ‘I can see you know’, but I let it go as grandparents will always spoil a grandchild in a way a parent can’t.

To be honest I was spoilt by my own grandparents!  I don’t think I ever got told off by them.

I am lucky that my children have both sets of grandparents nearby but they still love seeing their faces in the Findme books.  The excitement on their faces when nani is cleaning the little piggy at the farm.

My uncle who passed away recently, had no children, so to him, we were his children.  So I have put him into one of the Findme Findme books so my children will always remember him and will always be part of their lives 😪

So, in conclusion, I guess what I’m trying to say is, make time for grandparents while they are alive and let the kids enjoy their precious time with them. Memories will be cherished and stories and tales will be passed on for years.